Shame befalls Progressive Liberals amidst Arizona shooting , Investigation requested

On behalf of the Scranton Tea Party, and myself, I would like to offer my most sincere sympathies to the families and friends of those who lost a loved one in the shooting incident in Arizona. When news first surfaced of this shooting, I am sure that I was not alone in my shock, disbelief and inability to hold back the tears. The heart wrenching pain and sadness was just overwhelming for me, as I am sure it was for the rest of America.

But then something happened that I never expected. A reporter was discussing Senator Gifford’s condition with State Senator Lisa Lopez. Out of nowhere, Senator Lopez blamed the Tea Party for this event….calling it “tea party vitriol”. At first hearing her words, I felt like someone punched me in the stomach. I was sickened by her words. My immediate reaction was disbelief and I dismissed her. But then it seemed that suddenly every reporter was talking about the vitriol of the politics in America for the past few years and how it has become so heated. This unified attack left me scratching my head ,thinking “what is going on here?” Are they seriously trying to say that the Tea Party is responsible for this madman’s actions?

To try to even SUGGEST in any way, shape or form, that the shooting in Arizona can be equated to the “heated” debates in previous town hall meetings is not only outrageous, but irresponsible. Anyone who attempts to use such a horrific event to shut down the FACTUAL debate among American people, is just as despicable as the act committed by Jared Lee Loughner itself.

I have heard the statements of Rahm Emanuel “Never let a serious crisis go to waste” but for ANYONE to think that this horrific event should be considered as one of those “serious crises” is the most despicable, vile and hateful form’s of politics. It is one that we, the Tea Party, have been educating the public to for the past two years. Now I fully expect the radical progressives to call me a racist, a bigot, a homophobe and every other name they can make up. BUT, never in my wildest dreams did I think they would stoop to this level . Never did I think that the media, politicians, sherriffs and FBI agents who are supposed to represent ALL Americans, could ever go to this extreme as to blame fellow Americans for the actions of a madman. NEVER!

I am sickened by the actions of the media and irresponsible reporting of these events. I am sickened to think that American politicians could use this horrible, horrible event to shut down debate and free speech. To use not only the deaths of people caused by a mad man, but to use the pain and confusion that Americans feel over this tragedy… to attempt to twist and turn that pain into anger and rage at a group of people that have nothing whatsoever to do with his actions ….is just reprehensible.

SHAME ON YOU! SHAME ON ALL OF YOU! How in God’s name do you people sleep at night? How do you live with yourselves? I mean REALLY, when you can use horrible events of peoples’ deaths as a political tool….MY GOD have you no conscience? Have you no sense of accountability for your actions?

Sherriff Dupnik said that although he had no evidence of the Tea Party or Sarah Palin being responsible for this madman’s action, that in his opinion ““there is no doubt in my mind that when a number of people night and day try to inflame the public, that there’s going to be some consequences from doing that …” Well Mr. Dupnik, in MY opinion the Tea Party is the consequence of YOUR ACTIONS! The Tea Party is the consequence of the progressive attempts to inflame the public. We will hold those accountable who have effectively used the tool of not allowing a “serious crisis go to waste”. And although their technique has been very effective to shut down debate in this Country in the past, today I say NO MORE.

No more will we allow the immoral and reprehensible charges of racism, bigotry, hate and discord shut us up. NO MORE will we allow these horrible UNSUBSTANTIATED ACCUSATIONS STOP OUR SPEECH, OUR ACTIONS OR OUR WORK!

We will not stand down, we are AMERICANS. We do not let criticism and unsubstantiated accusations stop us from telling the truth, we stand up! We shine the light on the use of such cruel tactics that have caused such a divide in America.

So today I say to the Republican Party STAND UP. STAND UP and defend your electorate. Stand up and shine the light on the despicable Saul Alinsky tactics that are being used to discredit and demoralize not only the Tea Party but Sarah Palin and all Americans.

I call on this 112th Congress to immediately investigate the actions and irresponsible behavior of Sherriff Clarence Dupnik, Democratic State Senator Linda Lopez (who was the first to hurl unsubstantiated accusations against the Tea Party), FBI Director Robert Mueller and all other officials who are suppose to represent the most unbiased and respectful position . I call on this 112th Congress to hold accountable all politicians, no matter what their ideology. Hold accountable any and all media outlets and personnel who felt the need to attempt to discredit not only Tea Party members, but specific individuals, such as Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh, without any evidence to substantiate their accusations.

I humbly request this 112th Congress that those who are guilty of such slanderous, libelous and defamatory remarks, not only be immediately removed from said positions, but also be held accountable and charged with defamation of character, slander, libel and any and all other charges to the full extent of the law.

And to the American people, I say to you today, There is a renewal across this great land. All true Americans have a love of freedom and prosperity, but there are those that wish to destroy that love. They wish to destroy our Republic through the creation of a hostile environment, using a “serious crisis’ and character assassination’s based on unsubstantiated accusations of hate, bigotry, racism and violence to discredit you. Do not allow it. Do not stand down. Do not be silent. Do not allow this type of behavior to continue.

STAND UP! Stand up America. Stand up and fight for your rights to be heard. Do not allow false accusations to hold you down. But fight using the tools provided to you by our Forefathers. Tools that allow a peaceful political process to create the answers to our problems. Answers that allow a revolution to occur WITHOUT blood shed.

We have a Constitutional Republic that is ruled by LAWS, NOT MAJORITY RULE as in a Democracy. Our Forefathers fought to stop Democracy, knowing that some may be tricked into blindly following others. Educate yourselves to those peaceful processes and teach them to your children, so that others in the future cannot ever use these horrible cruel tactics to shut them up. Learn your constitution, learn your rights and teach them to your family and friends.

And let me say to those who are unfamiliar with the Tea Party. We are not Anti-Government. We believe that the American people are the Government! Politicians are our servants. And WE THE PEOPLE, that means YOU, hold the destiny of future generations in your hands. Stand up America! Stand up and defend yourself using the peaceful processes our forefathers left for us.

We do not want a European style of government. We fled Europe for a reason. And we will not allow the infiltration of a few to destroy America and our Sovereignty.

God bless you and may God Bless America.

Laureen A. Cummings



Just in from the China Daily is an article written By Su Qiang and Li Xiaokun (China Daily)
Updated: 2010-11-24 at 08:02.

According to this reporter from China Daily, Premier Wen Jiabao and Vladimir Putin met in St. Petersburg, Russia. After meeting they announced that “China and Russia have decided to renounce the US dollar and resort to using their own currencies for bilateral trade”.

Further stating that “Chinese experts said the move reflected closer relations between Beijing and Moscow and is not aimed at challenging the dollar, but to protect their domestic economies.”

In this report, Putin is quoted in a joint conference with Wen, that “About trade settlement, we have decided to use our own currencies.” Noting also that both Countries use other currencies, including the dollar, however since the financial crisis both Countries have “begun to explore other possibilities”.

Also,According to the reporter “The yuan has now started trading against the Russian rouble in the Chinese interbank market, while the renminbi will soon be allowed to trade against the rouble in Russia, Putin said. “That has forged an important step in bilateral trade and it is a result of the consolidated financial systems of world countries,” he said. ”

This article is also stating that there were talks of China purchasing two of Russia’s Nuclear Reactors ” by China’s Tianwan nuclear power plant, the most advanced nuclear power complex in China.”

It appears that while the President Obama and the Progressives in the Democratic Congress have been so busy trying to “fundamentally Transform” America, they failed to notice two, possibly three if you Include India, other Countries are emerging to gain Nuclear and Financial strength. Or were they?

The American people better wake up…and wake up quick.



Whistle Blower quits after DOJ “orders him to drop black Panther voter intimidation case”

Shocking news has emerged regarding the voter intimidation case in Philidelphia. On 11/04/2008, at the fairmont street Philidelphia polling station. Two Black panthers were standing in front of the doors of this polling station dressed in paramilitary garb. One, King Shameer Shabazz was holding a nightstick in his hand. As people walked by he would hit the stick against his hand and yell racial epithets. In a youtube video he is seen calling white people “cracker” and saying “You are about to be ruled by the black man cracker”.

Further youtube video of King Shameer Shabazz reveals him stating “I hate white people. ALL white people. Every last Iota of a cracker .. I hate it.” And continueing with “We didn’t come out here to play today.There’s too much serious business going on in the black community to be out here (inaudible) through south street with white dirty cracker whore (explitive) on our arm and we call ourselves black men!” He further yells into the crowd “You want freedom? You gonna have to KILL some crackers. You gonna have to KILL their babies.”

As cut and dry of a case that this seems to be, Eric Holder decided to drop the case. Now a lawyer in the DOJ office, J. Christian Adams, quit his job in frustration over this case. In an interview with Megyn Kelly of Fox news Megyn asked “Do you believe that the DOJ has a policy now of not pursuing cases if the defendant is black and the victim is white” To which Mr. Adam replied “Well, particularly in voting. In voting that will be the case over the next few years. There’s no doubt about it.”

Further, J. Chrisitan Adams testified Tuesday before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. According to a Fox news report, “J. Christian Adams said that “over and over and over again,” the department showed “hostility” toward those cases. He described the Black Panther case as one example of that — he defended the legitimacy of the suit and said his “blood boiled” when he heard a Justice official claim the case wasn’t solid. “It is false,” Adams said of the claim. “We abetted wrongdoing and abandoned law-abiding citizens,” he later testified. But as the investigation unfolded, he said he discovered “indications” that the Black Panther Party was doing the “same thing” to supporters of former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during the Democratic primary season in early 2008. He urged the commission to pursue testimony from other Justice officials to corroborate his story. ”

Healthcare Bill FORCES Sallie Mae To Reduce Workforce By 2500

03/23/2010 by Laureen A. Cummings

Not many people are talking about the effects of the government takeover of student loans that was snuck into the health care bill this week. So, I decided to call Sallie Mae and ask them how it will affect them and their employees. Rather than pick apart quotes, I have decided to let you hear ALL of her statement so that you have the FACTS right from the source:

Patricia Nash Christel
Corporate Communications
Sallie Mae, Inc.
12061 Bluemont Way
Reston, VA 20190

Here is a statement from Sallie Mae:

“The student loan provisions buried in the health care legislation intentionally eliminate private sector jobs at a time when our country can least afford to lose them. We are profoundly disappointed that thousands of student loan originators will soon lose their jobs – although the Senate has the power to change this.”

Here is more background for you:

Sallie Mae is for sensible student loan reform that builds on the best of what the public and private sector have to offer, and that can deliver substantially the same benefits without any needless job loss. We know it can be achieved without another big government takeover that would eliminate private sector student loan jobs.

This change is proceeding ahead to the Senate where there has never been a hearing, a bill introduced, a committee review, or any vote until now – where it is jammed into a huge health care bill and will still not be discussed thoughtfully.

Proceeding through regular legislative process instead of attaching student loans to the health care reconciliation bill would provide for the opportunity for consideration of an alternative proposal that would: (1) save the thousands of jobs at jeopardy under this bill; (2) generate nearly all of the projected savings; (3) garner bipartisan support; (4) build in “risk sharing” to safeguard taxpayer funds; and (5) retain choice and competition in servicing AND originations.

Student loan providers employ 35,000 people in this country; Sallie Mae employs 8,600 of them (including 1,100 in Northeastern PA). We estimate that the legislation would force us to reduce our work force by 2,500 and to restructure from 25 major locations to about five to seven.

For more than four decades, our country has helped make a college degree possible by encouraging the private sector to offer loans to any student regardless of income, assets, or credit history.

75% of the nation’s colleges selected the private sector program rather than the “public option,” but now the so called “public option” will become the only option. And when competition and choice gets removed from the equation, students and their families will lose out.

Sallie Mae is proud of its record of keeping student loan defaults low. In fact, we have a track record that is one-third better than the government’s direct student loan program. Because we share in the risk if a loan defaults, we have “skin in the game” and our results are superior.

I hope that helps. Thank you again!


So, tell me again, how it is that a government student loan takeover has ANYTHING to do with health care? And why did they feel the need to sneak it into the health care bill? Why are the pundits not talking about this in the news? Where are the media watchdogs?

We must get the truth out about what the government is doing to our great country!

Laureen A. Cummings

Local Politicians Are Being Indicted But Those In Washington Aren’t?

03/22/10 by Laureen Cummings

Here we are reading on our front pages that Mr. Cardaro and Mr. Munchak are being indicted on multiple counts for backroom deals that gave tickets for baseball games, playboy mansion visits, etc. In return, some people received the contracts to work for Lackawanna County. We say this equates to bribes and kickbacks.

On the very same page, we have the deals made in Washington right out in the open and we all somehow just accept it? Mary Landrieu, US Representative from Louisiana, even bragged about her deal. She actually defended her “Louisiana Purchase”, by stating, “It wasn’t 200 million, it was 300 million!”

Are we now going to accept the bribes coming out of Washington but punish our local politicians for the exact same things? Sounds like a double standard to me. I say we need the FBI in Washington too! After all, they may be our last hope to get rid of the radical progressives that have infiltrated our government.

Laureen A. Cummings

Progressives Invade Democratic Party

Well I have been saying all along that the Democratic and Republican Parties have been invaded by socialists. BELIEVE ME NOW?

We have finally seen what Progressives stand for … Socialism, Communism, Fascism and total Government control. If you don’t believe that we are now under the control of a socialist government, ask Al Sharpton. He seems to think the American people were fully aware of this fact and voted FOR socialism!

Last night on Fox News during his interview with Geraldo, Al Sharpton stated, “This is the beginning of the transforming of the country. The way the President had promised. This is what he ran on.” Geraldo interjected stating, “Some would argue to Socialism” In which Al Sharpton replied, “Well, first of all, then we would have to say that the American public overwhelmingly voted for Socialism when they elected President Obama”.

Al Sharpton went on to say that President Obama told the American people what he was going to do and stated, “Let’s not act as though the President didn’t tell the American people!”

Find the video here:

There you go! He is right! The Republicans, Libertarians and even real Democrats (Democrats for McCain) also told the American people. But they wouldn’t listen because they were told they were “racists” and “bigots” if they spoke against a black candidate running for President. That was their tactic. Get it? Or are you still going to deny it?

You see, what Al Sharpton fails to point out, is the way the American people were tricked into believing that Obama was NOT a socialist. The media refused to report on Obama’s past and gave him every pass available.

They refused to look into his past such as college records which still have not been released. They did not thoroughly investigate his associations with Tony Rezko, Bill Ayers, Khalid, George Soros, and Al Monsour and, the most blatant, Reverend Wright.

Every time the American people brought his past up they were called RACISTS! That is how they tricked YOU! They used the race card. It is just as I had stated in previous reports.

So will you now continue to let the progressive socialists use the race card, the gender card or the gay card to “trick” you into their socialist agenda? Or will you stand with your fellow patriotic Americans and fight this progressive socialist and those that have infiltrated the Democratic and Republican Party?

You must realize that the “good ole boys” network is gone. As a matter of fact, it has assisted us in getting into this mess. STOP IT! We must join together and stop this agenda before they destroy our country. We must not fall into the “good ole boys” club. If we do, I fear that the progressives will win.

America will be no more and our kids will be the ones that never get to live the American dream. They will instead grow up under a socialist regime. You know … like Cuba!

Is that what you want for your kids and grandchildren?

Laureen A. Cummings

Welcome to Socialism America!

Here we are only one year after this “progressive” President was elected. So far he has taken over the banks, insurance companies, automobile industry and NOW … he has taken over not just health care but our student loans as well.

Insurance companies can no longer remain in business unless they provide insurance as the GOVERNMENT TELLS THEM TO. If the government makes you provide services that are not affordable for your company would you be able to stay in business without raising your rates?

How about the fact that the government took over the student loan program with this bill as well? Your kids will not be able to get a student loan unless the GOVERNMENT allows them to have one. Did you know that this Congress added this to the health care bill?

Did you know that Sallie Mae is no longer allowed to give out student loans because the government will be the only ones allowed to provide them? Why you ask? Gee I don’t know? Maybe so THEY will tell us who can go to college and who can’t by only allowing certain “types” of kids to get loans while denying others?

What other reason could there be? I haven’t heard ANY discussions about a problem with student loans. Have you? NO! Then why would they EVER add this government takeover of student loans to a health care bill? CONTROL … that’s why! Where was the media in reporting this fact?

Is this the “change” you were all looking for? Did you know that this is what this man was doing? Are you going to allow him to continue to “fundamentally change our country”?

Are you going to continue to be blinded by the liberal media calling you a racist just because you don’t agree with this man’s socialist, if not communist ideology?

To think that this President, and the media, has used the good hearted spirit of the American people against them. I said it before and I will say it again. “Shame on you … shame on ALL of you that have lied to the American people about what this bill actually represents.” This bill represents nothing more than a government takeover of our health care system and student loan program.

This government is systematically taking over our freedoms all in the name of compassion. Where is the compassion when we are radically changing how we live in America? Do you want your children growing up under the tyranny of a radical, progressive government? Do you want to live as those that live in Cuba under Chavez? Is that the “change” you were looking for?

I will be putting out a daily update on what this administration is up to since our local media refuses to tell you the truth. They will twist and spin these bills as somehow being “good and compassionate”. They will lie, cheat and steal in order to make you believe that the progressive take-over of America is a good thing.

I will tell you what is in the bills and will let you SEE them. Something this administration has been reluctant to do. Ask yourself, “Why did they HAVE to vote on the bill within 72 hours of its release?” “Why did they have to bribe members of their own party, the Democrats, just to get them to pass it?” Don’t let them fool you.

The Republicans did not vote for this bill, this is true. What the media didn’t make clear to you is that the Republicans are not the ones that the Obama Administration is fighting with. It has been the Democrats AND the American people!

The Tea Party members have been the ones to bring the truth out about these bills. This administration AND the media have done all that they could to portray them as a racist, angry mob. This was done to divert your attention away from the fact that the Tea Party members have been trying to educate you about this administrations real intentions.

Will they eventually make praying in front of the Capital a racist or angry thing? Would you be surprised to read that in the headlines sometime in the near future?

Fear not, however, because this is not the end. We will defeat these progressive socialists.

We are Americans, we will not stand down and we will fight! We will defeat this progressive (aka: socialist) agenda.

Do not give up! Do not sit down! Fight for your freedom! Stand up and fight for your rights! Do not let them win.

Call your Congressman and visit their office to ask them how they could have allowed this to pass. Ask Rep. Carney what he received in return for his vote for this bill. I hear he got Rep. Murtha’s old committee job. Is it rumor or truth? We WILL be watching to find out!

God Bless You and God Bless America!

Laureen A. Cummings

What’s Really In The Health Care Bill?

I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of hearing all the “talking points” regarding this healthcare bill. First, let me say, “I have read the bill … have you?” I highly doubt that anyone who is making claims about this legislation have any idea what is in it. I also highly doubt that even those reporting on this bill in major news outlets know what is in it either. So why are the American people relying on such outlets?

I can tell you this, I and many of the Tea Party members have read it! That is why we are against it!

If you go on-line and search using the words “Healthcare Review Board” you will find numerous groups ranging from the Tea Party members to Team Sarah member’s who took sections of the Cap and Trade bill, as well as ALL of the healthcare bills and read them SECTION BY SECTION. Mark my words this bill is not about healthcare!

Let me explain.

If you currently want to buy a health insurance policy and you have a pre-existing condition … you can purchase one. It will cost you a lot more than if you do not have one, but you CAN purchase one.

What this bill does is state that insurance companies can no longer sell insurance plans that do not include coverage for pre-existing coverage. Now you will only have the option of purchasing a policy that INCLUDES pre-existing conditions which will cost more than you would have had to pay if you didn’t have a pre-existing condition.

Therefore, people will be paying much higher premiums because the government mandated the insurance company to only sell policies that cover pre-existing conditions.

This is just one more example of how the government makes the situation worse when they get involved. In this case they made it worse, ON PURPOSE, in order to make insurance premiums too expensive for the average middle-class American to be able to afford them.

The middle-class is who they were targeting in this bill. I mean who else would they be looking to take control over? They already control the poor through Medicaid, SS and Medicare. They now needed to control the “middle-class”.

They knew that rather than depending on the government, we would rather go without insurance, as we choose to do now! The government had to figure out a way to increase the insurance rate to an unaffordable price, while at the same time, get us to purchase their plan.

So what did they do? They mandated we purchase it! So now we have no choice but to either purchase the extraordinarily higher priced mandated insurance that includes coverage of pre-existing conditions or we purchase the government plan! And if we don’t purchase one or the other we will be fined! This will be regulated by the IRS on a monthly basis which, by the way, includes your kids!

Don’t take my word for it. READ THE BILL! HR 3590, Section 5000A, titled “Requirement to Maintain Minimum Essential Coverage”.

You can go to and read it.


Make no mistake about it, this bill was created to destroy our economy and require us all to be dependent upon the government.

They have tried everything possible over the years to get their greedy little hands on the middle-class without success. Now they may just have succeeded.

God help us all.

Laureen A. Cummings

Happy Anniversary Tea Party Patriots

Today at 12:28pm | Edit Note | Delete

Today marks the day for the first year anniversary of our Tea Party Movement. I want to Thank all of you that have worked so hard this past year educating the public to the isssues that concern you most. YOU are ALL the leaders of this movement! YOU make the difference in this country NOT the Government. I would also like to thank the Ron Paul Group for helping us throughout this past year. For they were the first to start Tea Parties during his campaign and have been a valuable source and wealth of information for us. I thank you so much for your encouragement.

In America YOU decide your destiny, NOT the Government! And although we believe that the Government certainly plays a vital role in protecting our Constitution and our safety, they do NOT have the right to live our lives for us. They do NOT have the right to limit our freedoms and we all know that we do NOT want to “change” our Traditional values, morals and way of life, all so that they can.

It has been a very hard year, but we all know it could have been worse. They might have been able to hurt our economy with their stimulus and omnibus, but because of all of YOU they were stopped dead in their tracks on the Cap and Trade scheme, based on a false theory of Global Warming. As well as healthcare, based on the false premis that these politicians actually care about us! God only knows how much they actually had planned for last year! But because of the AMERICAN PEOPLE they were not able to accomplish their destruction of America.

We know their REAL agenda. And that is to transform this Country into a “Progressive”, AKA “Socialist” Country.And they will do anything to make that happen. Including using the most vile & dispicible form of hatred…race baiting.

The American people elected the first Black President, not because they thought his policies were so great, but because they wanted to change the dynamics of how America was percieved. The Democratic Leaders beat up on the American people so badly, that they race-baited them into voting a Progressive President into office. That was the Democratic leaders plan all along. Use the “race card”. They didn’t care about the repurcussions that might occur if this President didn’t get elected.They didn’t care that they might cause riots in the streets, as a matter of fact, I believe they would have welcomed them.

The Progressive Democrats will continue to try to divide Americans through any means necessary. Race baiting, class envy, Gay baiting, whatever tactic they can find they will use. They don’t care who it hurts as long as they get their agenda passed. We Tea Party members are still called racists, just because we don’t believe in the socialist dogma of this administration! But the tides are changing, and I believe that when Black Americans, poor/middle class Americans and Gay men and woman realize how they have been used by this Administration, and the Progressive movement, they will be just as angry as we all are, if not more so.

This is not the Democratic Party that me and my family believed in, and that is why I am now a Republican. Although, the Republicans aren’t free of any criticism. They were to afraid of being labeled a racists, a homophobe or God forbid “a rich white man”, to stand up to the Democratic Leadership, shame on them. Those of us that are not any of those things can stand up to them without fear. We have had enough of the name calling & Saul Alinsky tactics used by these Progressive losers. We are not falling for their dispicible tactics anymore. And we are standing together, white, black, gay, straight, poor and rich to say NO MORE! No more will we allow you to divide this Country into hatred so you can “trick” us into passing your agenda or electing unqualified candidates.

They will “hope” we become so divided that we fight EACH other! But as Tea Party Patriots, we know better. America is the greatest Country in the World. We are able to sort through our differences without the use of violence, but rather the use of education. Educating people to the TRUTH! “The truth shall set you free”! And with God watching over us, we will be able to get through these upcoming months to November and move on to electing candidates that will be just as eager to educate the American people, rather than dividing them.

No more will we let Politicians divide us to the point of feeling “guilty” based on a false premise of being labeled a racist, homophobe or “rich white man”! Call us what you want, we don’t care. Because we know the truth. We know, that if speaking out to save America from being “changed” into a socialist Country, that we may be labeled a racist…well then so be it. I would rather be called a racist now, to avoid us all being called a slave later.

Laureen A. Cummings
Scranton Tea Party

Who Is Running This Country Anyway?!

I have been hit with a MAJOR BLOW to my understanding of this Country and who is running it. Harry Reid has admitted that he had “asked” Obama to run for President AND said he could win because he was “light skinned” and didn’t have a “negro dialect..unless he wanted to”.  Wait……. WHAT?!

This is HUGE! And this being an admitted statement by Harry Reid himself, has far more implications than just his pathetic racial slurs.

First of all, WHY would Harry Reid ASK Obama to run AGAINST  Hillary?!  I mean really? Why would Harry Reid, A DEMOCRAT, want Hillary to have an opponent? She was a sure bet to win the election. So it wasn’t that he felt he would lose the Presidency to a Republican opponent. So what was his reason for wanting Hillary to lose?

Could it be that along with Harry Reid being a Liberal Elitist, he is also a sexist ? Or is it that he just didn’t think that Hillary would bow down to him and his socialist cronies, but Obama would?

Secondly, why is it that Reid felt Obama could win? Does he know something we don’t? He said it was because Obama was “light skinned” and didn’t speak the “negro dialect”. So is he implying that all Americans are racists? Maybe. Or maybe  he is implying that as Americans, he can play on some of those bleeding heart liberals that have been taught to think that we are nothing but racist biggots and play on their “white guilt” to “nudge” them into supporting Obama.

Thirdly, it appears that Harry Reid also feels that  Obama can win since he has   ” no negro dialect” but than adds ” unless he wants one” . So I guess if you are a black person, you can’t win just being yourself.  I know and you know what he is talking about, but lets see if he can admit to it. He apparently isn’t a fan of “negro dialect”. But also accuses Obama of using that “negro dialect” when he “wants one”. So does this mean that Obama “played” the black people in America by using this so called “negro dialect” to trick black Americans into voting for him? And also tricked the white people in America into voting for him by NOT using his “negro dialect” ? So am I to gather that  Obama is just a puppet to be used by the Democratic party to do whatever they want him to do even if it means denying his own “dialect”? And how does the black community feel about that. Or will they just let the Democrats get away with this yet again.

Thirdly, Harry Reid is “implying” many things here. But the one thing that is VERY CLEAR is that apparently the Democratic party has been the one behind Obama’s Presidency. How about that. We finally found out who it was that was backing this guy. I myself blamed Soro’s. But come to find out, it was the Democratic Machine led by Harry Reid. I mean Obama wasn’t even the one that wanted to run, REID is the one that ASKED him to run!

So my question is…Who the hell is in charge here? We all know that this Administration is destroying our Country. Did Reid know that this would happen? Is Harry Reid a bigger Socialist than Obama? And if Harry Reid is truly running this Country, rather than the President, than what happens when Reid loses his election? Although Harry Reid seems to think that his campaign is in “good shape”! REALLY? Again, does he know something we don’t? Is his nomination already “in the bag” somehow?

Lastly, No matter what Harry Reids “implications” were in his statement, One thing that is blatently clear…he and the Democratic Party were AGAINST Hillary winning the Presidency and knew Obama would win. Why? Well I guess, yet again, race trumps gender.  Just like woman were the last to be given voting rights, they will be last to win a Presidential nomination. That is the one  fact in all of this.

And if there is even ONE …just ONE woman that is a registered Democrat out there she should be banned from the community of sisterhood. Any woman that would remain a Democrat after this ADMITTED statement by Reid, has absolutely no place in America to stand side by side with her fellow sisters. And if she is a Black woman, she definetely has no right to ever be taken seriously by anyone.